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  • Monuments, Germans and Google Translate #26
    After a good day, it’s hard to think another day could be better, but today was. The section we walked is considered the Queen Stage because it’s beautiful, steep, slightly […]
  • Art, curators and the gift of poles #25
    For as long as history has been recorded, art has held certain importance in its record keeping. At any moment in time an artist may capture the essence of an […]
  • Ahhh, the serenity #24
    Waking to the sound of rain when you’re walking long distance each day, is a little disappointing. However, Portugal has a trick up it’s sleeve – steel shutters over the […]
  • Dreams, transitions and the relief of an arrow #23
    If you’re squeamish, stop reading now. I very rarely remember my dreams, so when I do, I try to interpret them. Carl Jung believed they are the minds way of […]
  • Labruge: goodbye to Macdonalds #22
    Just a quick update from yesterday. I mentioned the connection between Harry Potter and Portugal and J K Rowling living in Porto. Well, the name of the awful dictator who […]
  • Oligarchs, Harry Potter and Cholesterol – happy days. #21
    The smoking here is appalling. Young and old alike. It’s not good. After all the decades of trying the change the habits globally – Europe has regressed. Smokes are cheap […]


Welcome to my/our daily online blog. On the 27th February, Jane and I will be flying to Amman in Jordan to begin our sabbatical pilgrimage. We will endeavour to write up our daily observations and experiences as we go. This blog will act as a sort of journal for our trip, so brace yourselves for odd thoughts, random experiences and reflections.

Much of it will be written from a cell phone, so please ignore the spelling and enjoy the different possible interpretations.

So, where are we going?
Israel (This is our second attempt. Last time we flew to Tel Aviv it was the beginning of the first gulf war in 1990).
Lisbon, Portugal
Porto, Portugal (walking to Santiago for 13 days)
Santiago de Compestela
La Spezia (walking the Cinque Terre)

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